Chúc Mừng Ngày Phụ Nữ Việt Nam

Vietnamese women are always praised in different stages of development. During the war, Vietnamese women who fought, could also work all day in the field but could still care for and raise their children. Their contribution to the struggle for independence and freedom of the nation was not small. That is why President Ho Chi Minh wrote a letter to Vietnamese women on October 20, 1930 to celebrate the role and status of women and this has been imprinted for decades. in the struggle against the difficulties and also so that the Vietnam Women’s Day has been born since then.

Today, the proportion of Vietnamese women entering the labor force is higher than that of other countries in the region. It accounts for about 50% of total employment in various sectors including education, economics, politics, society, culture. Modern Vietnamese women are more interested in improving their knowledge, they are more ambitious in their careers and begin to identify themselves in society.

Women today are very active. They not only try to find income but also improve their education and career. At the same time, they also spend time caring for families and children. Besides, they also do not forget to spend time relaxing themselves with personal interests. It is good news for women today to have more options than before. They have higher goals in life and contribute more to the development of the country.

Xã hội cũng nên nhìn vào phụ nữ thông qua những đóng góp và hoạt động của họ thay vì những suy nghĩ rằng phụ nữ chỉ cần ở nhà chăm sóc gia đình của mình như trước đây.

Increasingly many leaders are women and women also have many opportunities to hold high positions in work and society. Unlike before, women are taught that they must sacrifice, give up, obey and suffer from difficulties, but Vietnamese women today can earn as much money as men, even better. They can participate in discussions, get opinions and make decisions in the family. Traditional thinking and social expectations about the role of women in the past also have no influence. They may choose to be single mothers or not married as their right and anyway they should be supported, respected and not judged by the role they have chosen. Thus, women will have more opportunities to learn, develop and enhance their values.

Vì vai trò kinh tế của phụ nữ sẽ được cải thiện đáng kể trên trường quốc tế và đóng vai trò ngày càng quan trọng trong tương lai. Cho nên, các nhà hoạch định chính sách Việt Nam cần có những bước hỗ trợ, trao quyền và tưởng thưởng họ một cách xứng đáng và bình đẳng. Xã hội cũng nên nhìn vào phụ nữ thông qua những đóng góp và hoạt động của họ thay vì những suy nghĩ rằng phụ nữ chỉ cần ở nhà chăm sóc gia đình của mình như trước đây.

Send to the women you are reading this article, believe you have the right to do whatever you want, Do not be afraid of failure, failure will make you stronger, it’s just a jump that you have to pass to reach the destination. Turn your wounds into wisdom, educate yourself. Never underestimate yourself, always keeping in mind that you can do it. Last but not least, use your voice to take advantage of any opportunity to make the world a better place.

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