Currently, the proportion of Vietnamese women participating in the labor force and the household economy is on the rise. Therefore creating a non-violent, friendly and safe working environment is no less important than creating equal or constructive social and leave policies for women.

Most people know that harassment in the workplace is illegal and directly affects work performance. However, not everyone knows how to stop it. This article will suggest some tips that you can apply when you are unfortunate to be harassed at work.

1. Understanding Your Rights The Labor Code has just issued four regulations that protect workers from harassment in the workplace. Some companies may have Policies and Procedures to address this issue. You can find out more about these materials in order to know more about behaviors classified as sexual harassment; disciplinary action that the company may take; choice of formal or informal appeal; Confidentiality of personal information; as well as possible measures to protect the victim from retaliation.

Ask the agitator to stop This is the first thing you can do if you feel you are being harassed by a colleague or boss. If you feel safe, talk directly to the harasser and ask him to stop. Please indicate what their behavior makes you feel uncomfortable and what they are doing is not right and not welcome. Here are some suggestions for effective communication:

– Physical language: Use strong body language (looking straight at the opponent, clear voice), so be sure to make the problem uncomfortable.

Confidence and calm: Although you do not feel like it, remember to keep calm and seriousness important. Do not laugh or answer questions, misdirections or even anvil. scare, blame the enemy. Keep your thoughts straight, and continue to repeat resolutely if needed

Target the action, do not hit the object: Show them that their behavior is unacceptable, and you do not like the behavior.

– End the conversation: If you feel you have clarified your point, you can stop the conversation. You can use the indirect way to write to the audience if you do not feel confident. If you are not comfortable dealing directly with or even writing letters, consider reporting to your supervisor or friend for help.

3. Tìm kiếm sự đồng cảm và hỗ trợ từ các nhóm, cộng đồng Nếu bạn im lặng về việc mình bị quấy rối, nghĩa là bạn đang cho phép việc này tiếp tục xảy ra. Kẻ quấy rối sẽ không dừng lại trừ phi hắn cảm thấy bị đe dọa. Bằng cách nói lên câu chuyện của mình, bạn thật sự có thể giúp được những người khác không mắc vào bẫy quấy rối của những đối tượng xấu. Khi nói chuyện với người khác, bạn sẽ tìm được những người đã chứng kiến, đồng minh hay những nạn nhân khác giúp đỡ bạn

4. Luôn làm việc theo nhóm Kẻ quấy rối sẽ không có nhiều cơ hội để thực hiện những hành vi xấu hay câu đùa bình phẩm khiếm nhã về bạn nếu như thấy bạn đang ở cùng người khác. Ngoài ra, dù cho hắn có tấn công bạn thì ít nhất bạn cũng có những người xung quanh hỗ trợ.

5. Do not delay solving problems or blame yourself. You can not always be responsible for the behavior or actions of others. This is not something you should keep for yourself. Blaming yourself will make you disgusted with yourself, while those who need to be condemned are harassers. It also does not help solve the problem and worse can cause you to become depressed. You should take immediate action to quell harassment. The longer you wait, the more it will continue to occur and can make the situation worse

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