Tại Sao Chúng Ta Vẫn Cần Nhiều Giáo Viên Hơn Trong Thời Đại Kỹ Thuật Số?

Many governments have invested heavily in digital technology in the classroom: the total amount spent on educational technology in schools annually is estimated at $ 23 billion – of which $ 1 billion has been spent. in the UK. However, the technology used in the classroom does not necessarily improve the quality and learning outcomes, a recent study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It may even have some negative effects as some students may use technology to entertain themselves in class or watch other social media instead of learning.

Even with the huge amount of information available online, teachers still have an important role to play in the classroom and can support students in ways that computers can not. Face-to-face interaction and contact, direct communication is essential in learning. Learning is a natural thing we learn through our friends. In addition to self-study, go to school to be instructed to write, solve problems, make decisions with things that need to interact with each other. Sports or outdoor activities also require a coach to guide students. These activities provide students with the opportunity to experience the world outside, leading to personal improvement, community engagement and multicultural exploration in a practical,

Teacher – is human rather than technology and will always be “top quality” in quality in education. Digital grasp in learning can enhance the teaching and learning function as well as equip students with the skills needed for success after graduation. Therefore, teachers focus on supporting students rather than just knowledge, they support the spirit and act as foremen and guide them to help students see things. when their students want to give up or have no direction for the future. For most of us, we could have been inspired by a teacher and had a significant impact on our careers and choices for life from them. Teacher, You are the ones who recognize what we are good as well as our strengths and weaknesses to help us overcome and promote our potential. They deserve the recognition they have made. They are the heroes of our society.

Giáo viên vẫn còn đó để chúng ta phải kỷ luật, phải xây dựng sự tự tin và giúp chúng ta chiến đấu với cuộc sống. Một lớp học sẽ hấp dẫn, hiệu quả, và truyền cảm hứng bởi có giáo viên. Việc giảng dạy mặt đối mặt giữa giáo viên và học sinh và học tập theo công nghệ có thể cùng kết hợp với nhau. Thế giới hiện nay là vừa có công nghệ cao vừa có sự truyền cảm ứng cao từ giáo viên. Sinh viên có được hai điều này là giảng dạy cao từ công nghệ hóa và tính linh động cao từ các giáo viên tuyệt vời. Máy tính sẽ không bao giờ thay thế người ở bất kỳ môi trường nào – Sự hiện diện của con người vẫn đóng một vai trò quan trọng trong động lực và sự tiến bộ của học sinh.

Teacher is the most important job in the world. There are great stories of teachers helping children overcome difficulties and difficult social conditions. Or, teachers who help students overcome physical obstacles, or have creative ways to communicate their message to their students. They help those who lose confidence in the world. They help people who have not yet achieved success and continue to succeed. They are shaping the way we see the world and guide the next generation. That is one of the things they have done for the world to be a better place.