The Faces of Women of Vietnam

Các Lâm

Creative Director at CacDemode

cac lam

I love working with children and I love projects that serve humanity. I am inspired by fashion, travel, culture, and service projects that make a difference in people lives.

My trip to Nepal 2 years ago shaped my perception of the world today. I was working with an orphanage in Kathmandu when the earthquake happened. Being there during that time was a powerful experience that has since lead me to see how fragile and resilient life is and how everything in life can change in a few seconds. The kindness of the village people who took care of me after the earthquake and seeing the deadly and devastating effects from the earthquake inspired me to do what I can do to help less fortunate people in the world.

I want to encourage women to self-educate themselves, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and try new things. Be passionate in what you do and always be confident will help you find your truth self.

cac lam