The Faces of Women of Vietnam

Đặng Thị Lan Hương

ACC Life Coach

dang thi lan huong

Since I was a little girl, a life-long dream that I pictured myself very vividly that I would become a knowledgeable, independent and kind woman. At age 20, I visioned myself at 30 years of age as a financially self-reliant woman with a challenging career and a happy family, as usual.

There was one leap moment that I would never forget. I had a heated meeting in tears with my boss. Feeling resented, I started complaining to others about my boss and suddenly realized that the complaining woman wasn’t the gracious-and-integrity-Huong I wanted to become. That moment shifted my whole perspective and enables myself to become more self-nurtured. I started going back inside, tried to understand my emotions, my thought and connect with my inner dreams. I feel fortunate that when I begin to realize the desire to become a home educator as a mom of two children, I have the basic conditions to follow my dream.

If there is a time-reversed machine, I would go back in time and tell my 21-year-old self that “Please be bold, lean-in more, think further and be serious in personal finance”. I always share this with young people, starting thinking about personal finance early, to be able to finance freedom soon.

“What I know for sure” by Oprah Winfrey is one of my favorite books to recommend. The book starts with the line “Tell me, what do you know for sure? About yourself, life or anything…?” That question strikes me and reminds myself every day on my journey of self-awareness.

dang thi lan huong