The Faces of Women of Vietnam

Hannah Jefferys

A passionate cider lover from Somerset, and Founder of Saigon Cider.

hannah jefferys

The first of its kind – distinctly unique craft cider that is bottled and brewed in Vietnam.

99% of the time you will look back over things which bothered you and wonder why you cared, so waste no time nor your precious headspace, it's rarely worth it.

A great part of our results in life come from somewhere between our own doing and chance, be neither too arrogant nor meek to realise this. Not everyone is dealt the same hand but our reactions are what counts, even disadvantages build invaluable strengths.

Take risks when you are in your twenties but don't forgo the education available to you. If you already know what you want to do early, go for it rather than doing what you think society wants you to do.

hannah jefferys