The Faces of Women of Vietnam

Kaylyn Allen

General Manager at Veggy's Specialty Foods.

kaylyn allen

A 23-year-old Vietnamese American who has lived in Vietnam almost in her whole life. Being in the leadership position, she learned that success isn’t built on one’s shoulders but the exponential effort of teamwork. As driven, passionate and curious always, she is inspired by the passion and love that her parents, especially seeing them worked so hard from nothing to owning grocery stores and to having a premium food service business.

More than that, she is a strong believer in resilience, leadership and patience. She emphasized: “Never settle and never let anything stop you from achieving your goals. Every mistake we make in life is a stepping stone to becoming the greatest. Every mistake provides the opportunity to learn from it and to improve. I don’t see mistakes as failure, I see it as a lesson learned”

kaylyn allen