The Faces of Women of Vietnam

Leo Huynh Trinh

Designer and Model at Sinhtolina.

len huynh trinh

Passionate women are the most attractive ones. That describes exactly about To Trinh (Leo), Founder of Sintolina – a growing brand built with passion, love, and support. “I am curious about life and always feel happy and inspired by little things every day” said the tenacious, honest and dedicate giver Leo.

Let’s look at some of the incredible advice from our soulful Leo to grow oneself personally and professionally:

1. Language skills such as English is a must nowadays. If possible, learn another (or other) foreign language(s).

2. Be open-minded and sociable to participate more with society and improve communication skills. Sometimes Leo likes to observe people and analyse their reactions to activities because that’s how you learn things when watching people behaving to certain situations.

3. Find the right mentor or event a few mentors for different things in life.

4. Work hard, learn more, absorb knowledge as much as you can and be determined.

5. Don’t be shy to ask for help and try everything that you are interested.

len huynh trinh