The Faces of Women of Vietnam

Ngân Lê

Co Founder of OBook, Second Prize in Social Entrepreneurship – US Ambassador’s Entreprenuership Challenge 2017.

The story began three years ago when I was a non-tech English Teacher and worked as an freelance interpreter. I was helping an American entrepreneur recruiting designers and developers and that’s how I stepped into technology world. The first lesson in Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, and even coding took place. Those three years were a solid stepping stone for my next directional move. Later I joined three developers and built an online book platform for people to borrow, swap, and buy used books online. And that was the birth of Obook.

With the power of technology, I believe I can create great things and make a positive impact in the society. Young women should never stop learning and be open minded. These two will help them attain whatever it takes to be successful in their field. Be happy, be patient, be kind, and embrace change.