The Faces of Women of Vietnam

Quyen Nguyen

Relaxer in Chief at Soi Spa.

quyen nguyen

A kind-hearted Saigonese who describes herself as an introvert, goofy and morning person wannabe. After spending several years and hundreds of dollars during her young adult life to maintain her self-appearance, professionally and fashionably in her role in luxury fashion retail, Quyen decided to launch Soi Spa to provide a spa day escape at an affordable price for the everyday women in the heart of Saigon.

Her recent inspiration is “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg that encourages her to thrive from as a women with limited means background to one that is certain about her my business ideas and work her way with enthusiasm every day. Women need to support each other more and learn to try to build a network of support both professionally and personally.

There are important questions that she advise to you need to spend time wisely: what’s in it for me in the long run? What are things, events, people or battles that are worth your time because they will bring meaning or value to your life?

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quyen nguyen